Sens by Vie.

Your personal health center.

Simply put your hand on the mark, on a daily basis, in your bathroom.

  • Accurate holistic data.
    Skin hydration, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, glucose, ketones, cholesterol, uric acid.

  • Actionable insights.
    Understand how to stay healthy in seconds, log your activity and it learns day after day.

  • Medical advice at home.
    In one tap, get an appointment within the hour, ask a question or a review within the day.

In the morning

Place your hand on Sens.

We baseline your vitals, spot changes, helping you prevent conditions and improve your health continuously.

Feeling unwell?

Ask a question or a video consultation.

We partner with the top health providers and select their most experienced doctors.
They can see the history of your visible symptoms and biomarkers.


Understand and learn.

Log your activity and get personalized recommendations to stay healthy
and reduce risks of chronic conditions.

We empower you to be healthy.

  • Our team of experts in precision medicine work with the latest clinical research.

    Your data is safe with us.
    We use high-level encryption and only send the bare minimum data, always anonymized, over the network.