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Why wait to be sick to care about your health? Don't worry the next time you're in pain, feel sick and you have to see the doctor or do some tests. The technology to prevent and manage chronic diseases seamlessly is here and it's called: Sens.

Patrick & Hermes


Through our families, we have experienced the anxiety of being diagnosed and living with cancer, diabetes, disabling genetic conditions. As curious scientists and engineers, we've always been passionate about medicine and biology and when we shared that story with each other in late 2016, we knew we had to work together to make prevention accessible to everyone.

Lucia Aronica

Medical advisor

Lucia is a researcher at the Stanford Cancer center. Expert in the field of epigenetic and precision medicine, she shares our vision about the major role that prevention will play the in the future of medicine. From the University of Naples, to Oxford and Stanford, Lucia has received multiple awards for her research, such as the Marie-Curie Fellowship, number one in Europe.

Vie listens and translates what your body says

As scientists who have experienced the pain and emotions of being diagnosed and living with chronic conditions, we understand that the only way is for your to take control. Our job is to use technology to make it as simple as 123 for you to monitor your health, get advice and improve.

Be aware of your health, no surprises.

Simple and painless use in your daily routine.

You're the norm.

Improve with daily actions.

24/7 access to medical advice.

Better income for doctors in rural areas.